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Five Islands Challenge

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The Five Islands event, organized by Samoa Events

The Five Islands Challenge (aka The Five Islands or the FIve Islands Swims) is an ocean swimming series that offers 5 swims in 4 days over a total of 27 km in challenging conditions in Samoa. The swims are return swims to islands around Upolu. This Series sits between Samoa Swim Series and the 22.3 km Upolu-Savaii Swim in difficulty.


It is one of the World's Top 100 Island Swims.


Swim 1: 7.4 km (4.6-mile) Manono Island Swim on 11 May 2016 is a return swim to Manono Island.
Swim 2a: 5 km (3.1-mile) Fanuatapu - Namu'a Islands Swim on 12 May starts on the mainland, goes out to Fanuatapu Island, and then finishes at Namu'a Island.
Swim 2b: ​5 km (3.1-mile) Namu'a Island to Lalomanu Swim also on 12 May starts on Namu'a Island and finishes on Lalomanu.
Swim 4: 5.3 km (3.3-mile) Nu'usafe'e Island Swim on 13 May starts at Tafatafa, goes with the current to Nu'usafe'e Island before heading to the finish at Poutasi village.
Swim 5: 3.5 km (2.2-mile) Matautu Island Swim on 14 May starts and finishs in the deep sheltered water of Falefa Bay.
Reserve Swim: 4 km on Albatross Island at the sheltered deep-water Saoluafata Bay.

Race Director[edit]

Seti Afoa

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