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Open water swimmer swimming in no man's land during The Five, a World Open Water Swimming Series event in Hong Kong. Photo by Mike Pickles
Swimmers at The Five, courtesy of Stewart Shaw and Love Shaw Photography
The Five, Extreme 5 km Ocean Swim
Doug Woodring, Founder of the Cold Half, the Clean Half, the Sheko Challenge, and The Five
2014-2015 WOWSS offers 13 races around the world including The Five

The Polson 5 (previously known as The Five, and Pier to Pier Invitational) is a 5 km open water swimming competition held annually in Hong Kong since 2010. The race starts at the Stanley Blake Pier and finishing in Repulse Bay. It is organized by Victoria Recreation Club (VRC)

The Five is also part of the 2014-2015 World Open Water Swimming Series.


Ian Polson organises the annual race.

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