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Terence Bell

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Terence Bell, aquapreneur and creator of The Ocean Lover

Terence Bell is an Australian aquapreneur and ocean swimmer who created The Ocean Lover, an organization that is dedicated to reconnecting people with the underwater world through sharing personal stories. He serves as the Vice President Americas at tagSpace, a Mixed Reality Publishing Solution.

The Ocean Lover

The Ocean Lover website will be launched in July 2018 and will feature ocean-related projects, resources and an Interview Series called Ocean Lovers. This series, inspired by the recent Netflix documentary Fishpeople, are short interviews with people around the world who have experienced the transformative effects of the ocean.

Solo Swim Hawaii

Bell of Solo Swim Hawaii completed a solo 177.48 km (110.28-mile) 14-day, 27-stage circumnavigation swim around the Hawaiian island of Kauaʻi between 1-19 July 2019 that took him a total of 51 hours 57 minutes, escorted by Kaspar Paur, a sailor and a support escort crew member.


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