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Theodore Yach, Avishug Turek and pace swimmers on a tandem swim across the Sea of Galilee in Israel
Marcy MacDonald and Elizabeth Fry on Sandy Beach after doing a tandem crossing of 17 hours 30 minutes across the 42 km Molokai Channel from Molokai Island to Oahu in Hawaii on 9-10 April 2016
Tadeusz Golembiewski (31), Ana Villanueva (37), Adrian Roszak (28), and Grzegorz Monczak (43) crossed the Strait of Gibraltar in a 4-person tandem swim under the auspices of the Strait of Gibraltar Swimming Association
Zach Margolis and Mányoki Attila tandem swim course in red across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain to Morocco

noun - Tandem swim (or tandem crossing is when two or more open water swimmers cross a channel, do a marathon swim or otherwise swim together in open bodies of water at the same pace.

Tandem Relay Swim

A tandem relay swim is when two or more relays cross a channel, do a marathon swim or otherwise swim together in open bodies of water at the same pace.


Walter Bean Scott and Michael Hird completed their tandem swim across the Anacapa Channel without problems.


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Tandem Swim Between Diomede Islands

Tandem Swim in the Dead Sea

Participating open water swimmers in the 16 km group tandem swim called the Dead Sea Swim between Jordan and Israel across the Dead Sea on 15 November 2016 that took 7 hours 9 minutes included Udi Erell, Adina Faur, Kimberley Chambers, Abigail Thomson, Avishag Turek, Ori Sela, Oded Rahav, Juandre Human, Jean Craven, Evan Feldman, Ben Enosh, Doron Amosi, Munqeth Mehyar, Brooke Penney, Dov Litvinoff, Nick Papageorge, Samuel Moran, Luc Chetboun, Karon Marx, Neil Macaskill, Herman van der Westhuizen, Hylton Lokitch, Gita Osrin, Ram Barkai, Erez Amir, Yussuf Muhammad Ahmad Matari, Olfat Haider, Rachel Sharon Lane, Qusai Abdullah khalaf Al-louzi, Ahmed khalil ahmad murad, and Jackie Cobell. Members were from South Africa's Madswimmer group and the Cyprus Israel Relay Team.

Lake Malawi Madswimmer Crossing

29 Madswimmers 25 km crossing of Lake Malawi in October 2016 in a big group swim.

Into the Maelstrom Videos

By Beth Harrison and Jack Hudson

Great Shark Swim

The Great Shark Swim, a 100 km tandem swim of 20 swimmers, in the Agulhas Current off South Africa

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