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Jamal Hill, aquapreneur and founder of Swim Up Hill in Inglewood, California
Jamal Hill, aquapreneur and Paralympic swimmer in Laguna Beach, California

Swim Up Hill is a digital marketing company in Los Angeles, California founded by Paralympic swimmer Jamal Hill that markets health and fitness brands, insurance and medical practices.


Its mission is to teach 1 million people how to swim. Hill works with swim schools in Southern California to help the schools facilitate more lessons for lower cost to the customer.

Jamal Hill, Founder

Jamal Hill is a 23-year-old American Paralympic swimmer, County of Los Angeles ocean lifeguard and aquapreneur from Inglewood, California. The former competitive swimmer and collegiate swimmer, specializes in the sprint freestyle, and is currently a member of the USA Paralympic swim team and is looking forward to competing in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics and 2024 Paris Paralympics in the 4x100m freestyle relay, 4x100m medley relay, mixed 4x50m relay, 50m freestyle, and 100m backstroke.

Swim Up Hill

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