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Stefanie Bircher

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Stefanie Bircher with Alan Bircher, parents of Poppy Bircher

Stefanie Bircher (née Steffi Biller, born 30 October 1985 in Augsburg, Germany) is a former world-class pool and open water swimmer from Germany.

Open Water Swimming Career[edit]

She has twice won medals at the European Championships, whereas her best achievements at the FINA World Championships were fourth place in 2004 and fifth place in 2006 in 25 km.

She previously trained at the University of Bath where she studied for a Foundation Degree in Sports Performance. She shared the same coach (Andrei Vorontsov) as her Bath team mate, British distance swimmer Alan Bircher whom she later married in 2011.

Coaching Career[edit]

She is the coordinator at Ellesmere Titan Learn to Swim program.

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