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Steph Saullo

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Steph Saullo is an American performance dietician with Ritter Sports Performance, raised in Western New York who is a featured speaker and expert at the 2016 Global Swimming Summit hosted by Chris Ritter of Ritter Sports Performance.

Athletic Career[edit]

Saullo participated in multiple sports from dancing and gymnastics to swimming and softball, and enjoys boxing, lifting weights, hiking, running, and riding her bike.

Performance Dietician Career[edit]

Saullo taught sports nutrition at the George Washington University for four years. Her professional and academic credentials include a master’s degree in food and nutrition, registered dietitian, and licensed in North Carolina and the District of Columbia.

Global Swimming Summit[edit]

Saullo is a featured speaker at the 2016 Global Swimming Summit, a free online summit hosted by Chris Ritter of Ritter Sports Performance that explains and describes open water swimming for people of all ages and abilities. Speakers at the Global Swimming Summit include: Gerry Rodrigues, Lesley Paterson, Gary Hall Sr., Mike Collins, Brad Kearns, Alex Kostich, Glenn Mills, Karlyn Pipes, Tyler Fenwick, Kevin Rindal, Kristian Manietta and Steph Saullo.

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