Stage swimming

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Chart of the Round Ireland Swim, a stage swim around Ireland

noun - Stage swimming is the act of doing a solo swim or relay conducted over two or more consecutive days where the distance of the individual stages can vary on each day and the starting point of the subsequent stages begins at or near the same point as the finish of the previous day's swim. The overall final time is the culmination of the swimming times of the individual stages. The overall final distance is the distance measured from the starting point to the finish point in miles, nautical miles or kilometers. The cumulative swim time (i.e., total time spent in the water) is different from the cumulative time (time from the start to the finish inclusive of rest time between stages). The finish on the final day can be at the same location or at a different location than the start on the first day.


The stage swim from Los Angeles to San Diego was conducted over ten days.


Staged swimming, Adventure swimming, Continuous stage swimming

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