Southern California Eight

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Channel Islands of California

noun- Southern California Eight (also known as the Southland Eight or Crazy Eight) is a goal of marathon swimmers to swim between each of the Channel Islands off the coast of Southern California and the California mainland.


In order of distance, the swims include the following:

1. 12.4-mile Anacapa Channel
2. 19.0-mile Santa Cruz Channel
3. 20.4-mile Catalina Channel
4. 25.9-mile San Miguel Channel
5. 27.5-mile Santa Rosa Channel
6. 37.7-mile Santa Barbara Channel
7. 54.4-mile San Clemente Channel
8. 69.3-mile San Nicolas Island


Scott Zornig of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association announced the Southern California Eight on 2 January 2012. The Southern California Eight becomes another destination goal for the marathon and channel swimming community in addition to the Oceans Seven, Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming, Still Water Eight, the Five Oceans and the Triple Crown of Prison Island Swims.


Traditional channel swimming rules apply: no wetsuit, no neoprene cap.

Southern California Eight Swimmers

3 Channel Swimmers

David Yudovin (Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Catalina) and Penny Palfrey (Santa Barbara, San Miguel, Catalina) are the only two swimmers to date who have completed three of the eight swims to do.

2 Channel Swimmers

Cindy Cleveland, Jim Neitz, Marc Lewis, Jim McConica, Lynn Kubasek, Forrest Nelson, Tina Neill, Peter Urrea, Claudia Rose, Stanley Leventhal, Paul Lewis, Marcia Cleveland, Rendy Lynn Opdycke, Kathleen Wilson, Kevin Murphy, Suzanne Riedinger, Kimberly Rutherford, and Scott Zornig have completed two of the eight.