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Sergio Salomone is a 51-year-old Argentine open water swimmer from Buenos Aires.

Open Water Swimming Career

Antarctica Ice Kilometer Swim

Heading through the Southern Ocean en route to Antarctica to the Antarctica Ice Kilometer Swim

44-year-old Samantha Whelpton of South Africa successfully competes in the Antarctica Ice Kilometer Swim held on 24 November 2018 in Port Lockroy along the Antarctic Peninsula together with 41-year-old Alexander Brylin of Russia, 55-year-old Yunfeng Wang of China, 44-year-old Leszek Naziemiec of Poland, 52-year-old Paolo Chiarino of Italy, 54-year-old Andrey Agarkov of Russia, and 51-year-old Sergio Salomone of Argentina.
45-year-old Clinton Le Sueur of South Africa, 46-year-old Diego López Dominguez of Spain, 42-year-old Wyatt Song of Australia, 42-year-old Petar Stoychev of Bulgaria, 25-year-old Victoria Mori of Argentina, 46-year-old Madswimmer founder Jean Craven of South Africa, and the 61-year-old International Ice Swimming Association founder Ram Barkai of South Africa completed the Antarctica Ice Kilometer Swim in Mikkelsen Bay in the Southern Ocean along the Antarctic Peninsula on 25 November 2018.

2015 IISA World Championships

1st International Ice Swimming Association World Championships 1 km fastest heat on 20 March 2015 in Murmansk, Russia.
Lane 1 Evgeni Rabinovich
Lane 2 Sergio Salomone
Lane 4 Craig Lenning
Lane 4 Christof Wandratsch
Lane 6 Henri Kaarma
Lane 6 Albert Sobirov
Lane 8 Eduard Khodakovsk
i Behind the camera: Wyatt Song


The Beltquerung was first accomplished on 25 July 1949 by Karl-Heinz Rauert who swam from his hometown of Fehmarn to Denmark, accompanied by a boat captain, his mate and his father.


The traditional start is on the beach in Rødby, Denmark with the finish on the coast of the island of Fehmarn in Germany, specifically the beach of Gammendorf on Fehmarn. The certified escort pilot is Wolfgang Schlosser of Fehmarn-Lemkenhafen.

Double Solo Beltquerung Swimmers

1. Claudia Markwardt on 6.08.2005
2. Bruno Dobelmann on 26.06.2011

Solo Beltquerung

1. Karl-Heinz Rauert on 25.06.1949
2. María Inés Mato on 28.06.1998
4. María Inés Mato on 28.06.1999
4. Claudio Plit on 29.08.2000
5. Kirsten Seidel on 16.08.2004
6. Margit Bohnhoff on 18.08.2005
6. Christof Wandratsch on 06.09.2005
8. Arnold Wiegand on 5.08.2006
9. Heike Braun on 18.08.2006
10. Christian Hartmann-Herrmann on 5.08.2009
11. Toni Pavici on 6.08.2010
12. Sergio Salomone on 9.08.2010
14. Yasutaka Kurokawa on 16.08.2010
14. Griseldis Cormann on 19.06.2011
15. Attila Manyoki on 5.08.2011
16. Jürgen Fussi on 14.08.2011

Relay-Beltquerung with 2 swimmers

1. Winkelbauer/Richter on 15.08.2001
2. Plit/Navarro on 15.08.2001
4. Plit/Plit on 14.08.2002
4. Jakobsen/Filtenborg on 16.08.2004
5. Ohnishi/Ano on 16.08.2010

Relay-Beltquerung with 5 swimmers

1. Mato/Marceca/Torresagasti/Layús/Navarro on 40.08.2000

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