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Sara Marley

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Sara Marley after completing the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming and a crossing of the Catalina Channel in California
Cape Circumnavigation Challenge's 5.1 mile course around Cape May, New Jersey‎

Sara Marley is a 49-year-old Irish open water swimmer living in London.

Open Water Swimming Career[edit]


She won the 2014 Swimmer of the Year from the British Long Distance Swimming Association and completed the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming in 2018.

Cape May[edit]

Cape May, New Jersey is affectionately known as "America's Oldest Seashore Resort" and has a rich history dating back to the early 1600s. Cape May was not officially an island until World War II when the Army Corp of Engineers constructed the Cape May Canal to help protect the American waterways from German "U"Boats, primarily the entrance to the prominent city of Philadelphia by way of the Delaware Bay/River.

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