Sandy Beach

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Marcy MacDonald and Elizabeth Fry on Sandy Beach after completing a tandem crossing of 17 hours 30 minutes across the 42 km Molokai Channel from Molokai Island to Oahu in Hawaii on 9-10 April 2016
Mackenzie Miller finishing on Sandy Beach after her Molokai Channel swim in 2009
Participants of the 2013 Kaiwi Channel Swim on Sandy Beach with event directors Jeff Kozlovich and Steve Haumschild. Photo courtesy of Kaia Hedlund
Steve Haumschild (paddler) with Antonio Argüelles Díaz-González on 22 March 2016 after a 23 hour 18 minute crossing of the Molokai Channel and paddler Jeff Kozlovich on Sandy Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Sandy Beach is on the island of Oahu and is a renowned body surfing beach. The beauty and danger in the Hawaiian surf characterizes Sandy Beach. Experienced shorebreak bodysurfers find that its waves have no equal anywhere. However, when the surf's up, there is treacherous shorebreak and strong rip currents.

It is the traditional finish point of Molokai Channel Swimmers and the Kaiwi Channel Swim that starts on Kepuhi Beach on Molokai Island.


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