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noun - SAFE (Safety Assistance For Emergencies) is an organization aiming at helping people to avoid, prepare for, and to cope with emergencies in a sustainable way. It is a registered trust in 2001 (based on the Trust Registration Act 1882) in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


In 1999, a group of young volunteers banded together to protect the human lives from post flood devastation in Bangladesh by providing emergency medical services and safety assistance related to health, food, shelter. Immense response and early success of this voluntary initiative facilitated to form Safety Assistance For Emergencies (SAFE). Today, after a decade, SAFE is a well-known and recognized not-for-profit organization in emergency medical response, dealing with a range of safety, health and environment issues contributing to overall safety situation in Bangladesh.


Save lives by preventing injuries and deaths caused by natural calamities and unsafe practices at work and home, in schools and communities, and on the roads in a sustainable way through awareness, educational campaign, emergency response, product and service development, training and advocacy.


SAFE’s overall vision is to ‘Making our Bangladesh Safer’ and, eventually, to expand the model to other developing countries.

Open Water[edit]

SAFE organizes the Brojen Das Open Water Challenge 2012.

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