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Dr. Roger Allsopp
Dr. Roger Allsopp's course in 2011

Dr. Roger Allsopp is a British open water swimmer and winter swimmer from Guernsey. Dr. Allsop is a retired surgeon, researcher and fundraiser for health research who continues to inspire with his age-defying marathon swims, had a refreshing perspective of channel swimming based on his experienced as a physician.

He serves as the chairman of Hope for Guernsey.

Thoughts on Channel Swimming

"I try to focus and think about one day of absolute miserable. Training has I think gone well and I am now as ready as I can be. I'm slowing the pace a bit from now on and keeping an eye on the weather charts for the Channel."

English Channel Swimming Career

On Dr Allsopp's first swim across the English Channel in 2006 at the age of 65, he became the fourth oldest person to successfully swim across the English Channel and a member of the Half Century Club.

On Allsopp's second swim across the English Channel in August 2011, he became the oldest person to swim across the English Channel in 17 hours 51 minutes in sub-optimal conditions (6m spring tide) at the age of 70 years 4 months.


An inspiration to many around the world, Dr. Allsopp was nominated as the 2011 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year.

He also received the Inspirational Swim of the Year award at the 2012 H2Open Awards organized by H2Open Magazine, an award designed to celebrate achievement in open water swimming. He was recognized as the greatest inspiration in 2011 for becoming the oldest person to swim the English Channel.

Oldest Individuals to Cross the English Channel

1. Otto Thaning (South Africa), 73 years, E/F, 12 hours 52 minutes (2014)
2. Cyril Baldock (Australia), 70 years 9 months, E/F, 12 hours 45 minutes (2014)
3. Roger Allsopp (England), 70 years 4 months, E/F, in 17 hours 51 minutes (2011)
4. George Brunstad (USA), 70 years 3 days, E/F, in 15 hours 59 minutes (2004)
5. Chris Shapland (Australia), 69 years, E/F, in 16 hours 28 minutes (2016)
6. Donald Riddington (Australia), 68, E/F, in 19 hours 45 minutes (2013)
7. Clifford Batt (Australia), 67, F/E, in 18 hours 37 minutes (1987)
8. Ashby Harper (USA), 65, E/F, in 13 hours 52 minutes (1982)
9. Joe Smith (England), 65, E/F, in 14 hours 9 minutes (1999)
10. Roger Allsopp (England), 65, E/F, in 15 hours 30 minutes (2006)
11. Sue Oldham (Australia), 65, E/F, in 17 hours 11 minutes (2010)


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