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The Jim Doty Story, Accounts of Some of the Marathon Swims of a Great Boston Swimmer written by Robert McCormack
A book about ocean swimming by Robert McCormack
Swimming the Light from 1907 to 1941
Swimming the Light from 1907 to 1941

Robert McCormack is an American open water swimmer and well-published author who wrote four books on marathon swimming. He was born in Brooklyn, New York on 11 November 1937, but moved to Dorchester, Massachusetts in 1945 and learned to swim at Tenean Beach in Boston.

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Alone on a Wide Wide Sea

Alone on a Wide Wide Sea is a 36-page paperback book published on 23 September 2010 with the CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, authored by McCormack about six of his most dramatic ocean swims: Brooklyn Bridge; Alcatraz; Around Governors Island-New York; Boston Light Swim; Little Red Lighthouse Swim (George Washington Bridge-New York; and Golden Gate Bridge.

Swimming the Light

McCormack wrote the first 2 volumes of Swimming the Light:


Since before the turn of the twentieth century, ocean swimmers have had aspirations of "Swimming the Light". The route chosen by these early adventurers, and dreamers, went from the bridges in Charlestown to the Boston Light, on Little Brewster Island, in the outer Boston Harbor, a distance of twelve miles. In 1907, a Boston Light Swim Race was inaugurated. This book covers the Boston Light Swim Races for the years 1907 through 1941. After the race in 1941, the event was shut down for the duration of the war.


This book chronicles Boston Light Swim Races from 1976 to 2014. It is a sequel to Swimming the Light: A Brief History of the Boston Light Swim 1907-1941. It includes names of the swimmers, and dates, times and conditions of each swim. Included are anecdotes of several of the Boston Light swimmers, including swimmer and silent film star, Annette Kellerman, and English Channel swim greats, Marcy MacDonald and Peter Jurzynski. A must-read for all active and aspiring ocean and marathon swimmers, and readers who are simply interested in the remarkable exploits of those who swim long distances in the sea.

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