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Rob Lea

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Rob Lea is an American endurance athlete from Park City, Utah who is a member of the Peak and Pond Challenge a solo achievement by individual adventurers who have successfully climbed Mt. Everest and swum across the English Channel.

Endurance Sports Highlights[edit]

Members of the Peak and Pond[edit]

1. Hugo Rodríguez Barroso (Mexico) - accomplished twice

2. Eric Blakeley MBE (Jersey)

3. Georgios-Ioannis Tsianos (Greece)

4. Matthew J. Williams (UK)

5. Bill Borger Jr. (Canada)

6. Boguslaw Ogrodnik (Poland)

7. Gabriel Viti (USA)

8. Allan McLeland (USA)

9. Jason Snell (UK)

10. Patrick McKnight (USA)

11. Rob Lea (USA)

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