Record a Swim

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Ned Denison Record a Swim Certificate - swim was accredited by the Honor Organization the Irish Long Distance Swimming Association

The "Record a Swim" program was created and managed by the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame to capture historic records of marathon swims, especially where no local open water organization was in place. No known start date is available – but probably about 2011. Certificates were issued for swims from 1979 to 2013.

This was not a ratification/certification program – rather is it simply relied on swimmer full disclosure/honesty to help IMSHOF create a historic database.

The program ended at an Honoree meeting at the 2013 Global Open Water Swimming Conference(2013) for the following reasons:

1. There were some instances where swimmers failed to note that they swam in wetsuits 2. WOWSA had started to certify/ratify swims – and also Openwaterpedia was acting as a type of public historic database 3. The Record a Swim certificate looks almost as impressive as the Induction Certificate and was blurring the brand.