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noun - RadBand is a wearable cesium collector developed by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. A prototype RadBand will be used by transoceanic swimmer Ben Lecomte during his The Longest Swim while he is swimming across the Pacific Ocean for 6 months from December 2015 to summer 2016.

The Longest Swim[edit]

The RadBand will filter the water through to a piece of resin that absorbs the cesium. Lecomte's scientific team onboard his escort boat [Rolano]] will collect samples, stock them in a freezer, and hand them to Woods Hole researchers after his estimated 6-month journey is completed for analysis. His team will also be doing daily water samples with a bucket and filter it through a pump in order to measure the cesium, so we can compare the results with the RadBand.


RadBand radioactive cesium collector

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