Race for the Oceans

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Aaron Peirsol

Aaron Peirsol's Race for the Oceans is an open water swimming fundraiser held in Fort Myers Beach in Fort Myers, Florida, U.S.A. with several ocean races and a pre-race open water swimming clinic taught by seven-time Olympic medalist Aaron Peirsol.

Aaron Peirsol's Race for the Oceans raises funds and awareness for Oceana, a non-profit group established to protect and restore the world's oceans and for which Aaron Peirsol is a spokesperson. Part of the proceeds from the Race for the Oceans goes to clean up the oceans and raise awareness for the ongoing need to protect them.

"Protecting our world's oceans is very important to me because I grew up swimming in the Pacific Ocean and, now that I have a chance to make a difference, it's important to me to help people understand that we can't take the beauty of our oceans for granted," said Peirsol about his Race for the Oceans. "This is a great chance for people to experience the joy of swimming in Florida's warm ocean waters and raise awareness for an important cause."