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Quatro Break

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Jacques Tuset of France, the world's leading Prison Island Swims escapee

noun - Quatro Break or the Quatro Crown of Prison Island Swims is an extension of the Triple Crown of Prison Island Swims, otherwise known as Triple Break.

It is a minimum of four ocean swims where swimmers challenge themselves to escape by swimming from the world's most well-known prison island swims: Le Château d’If, Fort Boyard, Devil's Island, Île de Gorée, Robben Island, Alcatraz Island, Spike Island, Rottnest Island, and Sainte-Marguerite.

While the traditional Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming consists of the English Channel, Catalina Channel and Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, the open water presents an aquatic path of prison escape.


The Quatro Break (or prison island swims) was first coined by Ned Denison.

Quatro Break Sites (listed by region and country)[edit]



  • Rottnest Island (Australia): 19.7 km to mainland, was used as an Aboriginal prison between 1838 and 1931 for men and boys
  • Fort Denison (Australia): 1 km to mainland, was used as a prison and for hanging in the 1800s
  • Cockatoo Island (Australia): 0.5 km to mainland, was used as a prison from 1839 to 1869
  • Gunkanjima Island (Japan): 15 km to Nagasaki, was used as a prison from 1930s to 1946 during World War II
  • Sado Island (Japan): 40 km to Japanese mainland, was used as a prison from 722 to 1271
  • Kwajalein Island (Marshall Islands): 2,865 km to Papua New Guinea, as reported in "Unbroken - Louis Zamperini Story" - Execution Island from WWII
  • Côn Sơn Island (Vietnam): 85 km to mainland, was used as a prison from the 1960s to the 1980s

Central America[edit]


North America[edit]

  • Alcatraz Island (U.S.A.): 2.3 km to mainland, was the former isolated prison home of Al Capone and other celebrated American criminals
  • Santa Cruz (U.S.A.): 33 km to mainland, was use to house prisoner after Mexico's independence from France
  • Fort Warren (U.S.A.): 11 km to mainland, was used as a prison in the American Civil War 1862
  • Fort Jefferson (U.S.A.): 110 km to Key West Florida, was used as a prison for USA Civil War deserters and plotters to kill Abraham Lincoln
  • McNeil Island (U.S.A.): 4.5 km to mainland, was used as a prison in the 1880s up to 1,200 inmates
  • Johnson Island (U.S.A.): 5 km to mainland, was used as a prison from 1861 with up 2,500 Conference prisoners
  • Peddocks Island (U.S.A.): 0.4 km to mainland, was used as a prison during World War II for Italian prisoners

South America[edit]

Escape from Fort Royal de Sainte-Marguerite[edit]

1.3 km swimming escape from the Fort Royal de Sainte-Marguerite to Palm Beach in Cannes, France by Ned Denison, Jean-Yves Faure and Jacques Tuset escorted by Jean-Christophe Grand.

10 Escapes Video[edit]

Courtesy of Jacques Tuset and Team Aquadeus

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