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Pombas Island Challenge

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Pombas Island Challenge is a 4 km open water swim that is part of the Mais Travessias series. The Mais Travessias series include of various open water swimming training opportunities and races between 100m and 10 km in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

2015-2016 Mais Travessias Race Calendar (Mais Travessias 6ª Temporada 2015/16)[edit]


  • November 14th - training swims for Mais Travessias
  • November 22nd - Mais Travessias: 100m, 1.5 km, 4 km Pombas Island Challenge
  • November 28th - 16ª Travessia Inter. Bombinhas 3rd Stage
  • November 29th - Travessia Revezamento 8 km Bombinhas
  • December 5th - training swims for Mais Travessias
  • December 13th - training swims Mais Travessias: 100m, 2 km, 5 km


  • January 30th - 1ª Travessia Poa - 4th Stage
  • January 31st - Relay Event
  • March 5th - 2ª Travessia Sul - 6th Stage
  • March 6th - Desafio 10 km
  • April 2nd - 3ª Travessia da Pinheira - 7th Stage
  • April 3rd - 4º Desafio Multi Distancias Rio da Guarda do Embau

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