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Polar Ice Mile

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noun - A Polar Ice Swim or Polar Ice Mile is an Ice Mile ratified by the International Ice Swimming Association that is performed within one of the polar circles that is below 60°S or above 70°N.

Polar Circle[edit]

A polar circle is either the Arctic Circle or the Antarctic Circle. On Earth, the Arctic Circle is located at a latitude of 66°33′46.6″ N, and the Antarctic Circle is located at a latitude of 66°33′46.6″ S.

Pioneering Polar Ice Mile[edit]

On 22 February 2020, Cath Pendleton completed an Ice Mile, a Zero Ice Mile or a Polar Ice Mile, in the Southern Ocean in Hanusse Bay, Antarctica in 0.03°C water and -3.20°C air temperature, covering 1.00 mile as part of the Antarctica 2020 International Swim in 32:54 and was highlighted in a BBC Wales documentary called The Merthyr Mermaid at 66.60°S.

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