Planet Love Life

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Charity charms bracelets by Planet Love Life made out of marine debris

Planet Love Life is an innovative company that collects drift netting and abandoned nets from beaches in the Caribbean Sea and then transforms the discarded flotsam and marine debris into fashion bracelets.


  • Rob Webster is the co-creators of Planet Love Life and its operations manager. Also, serving as Ecological Retreats' Operations Director, Webster has a background in business management, summer camp counseling and a passion for marine science. Rob has a degree in business marketing from the University of South Florida. He has started several successful businesses including a wedding lighting company, Tampa Lights, and professional photography company.
  • Brittany Webster is the co-creator of Planet Love Life and its production manager and head jewelry designer. Serving as the Director of Field Studies, Brittany has a background in experiential education and environmental science. She has a multitude of skills, knowledge and experience in marine ecosystems, field instruction and hands-on group learning techniques. As strong environmental advocate, Brittany frequently participates in volunteer beach clean ups and youth field instruction.


Planet Love Life has partnered with Ocean Positive in 2016.

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