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Huntington Beach pier in large surf
Fear No Pier participants under the pier at Huntington Beach, including Lynn Kubasek, Julian Rusinek, Ray Meltvedt, Theo Schmeeckle, Natalie Merrow, Tanya MacLean, and Scott Zornig just after finishing their 19th stage swim

noun - A pier is a raised structure, including bridge and building supports and walkways, typically supported by widely spread piles or pillars. The lighter structure of a pier allows tides and currents to flow almost unhindered, whereas the more solid foundations of a quay or the closely spaced piles of a wharf can act as a breakwater, and are consequently more liable to silting. Piers can range in size and complexity from a simple lightweight wooden structure to major structures extended over 1600 metres.

Piers have been built for several purposes, and because these different purposes have distinct regional variances, the term pier tends to have different nuances of meaning in different parts of the world. Thus in North America and Australia, where many ports were, until recently, built on the multiple pier model, the term tends to imply a current or former cargo-handling facility. In Europe in contrast, where ports more often use basins and river-side quays than piers, the term is principally associated with the image of a Victorian cast iron pleasure pier. However, the earliest piers pre-date the Victorian age.

There are many pier-to-pier open water swims or around-the-pier open water swims along the coast of California, including the Fear No Pier stage swim.

Piers in California

Southern California

  • Coronado Ferry Landing, San Diego
  • Crystal Pier, San Diego County
  • San Clemente Pier, Orange County
  • Manhattan Beach Pier, Los Angeles County
  • Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara
  • Balboa Pier, Newport Beach
  • Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier, Long Beach
  • Hermosa Beach pier, Hermosa Beach
  • Huntington Beach Pier, Huntington Beach
  • Newport Pier, Newport Beach
  • Ocean Beach Pier, San Diego
  • Oceanside Pier, Oceanside
  • Redondo Beach pier, Redondo Beach
  • Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica
  • Broadway Pier, San Diego
  • Malibu Pier, Malibu
  • Catalina Island Pier, Catalina Island
  • Pacific Beach Pier, San Diego
  • Seal Beach Pier, Seal Beach
  • Venice Pier, Venice

Central California

  • Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo
  • Port Hueneme, Venture
  • Port San Luis (Harford) Pier, San Luis Obispo County
  • San Simeon Pier, San Luis Obispo County
  • Sea Cliff State Park Pier, Santa Cruz County
  • Santa Cruz Wharf, Santa Cruz
  • Still Water Cove Pier, Monterey County
  • Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara
  • Ventura Pier, Ventura
  • Avila Pier, Avila
  • Cayucos Pier, San Luis Obispo
  • Goleta Pier, Goleta

Northern California

  • Capitola, Monterey Bay
  • Monterey, Monterey
  • San Mateo Pier, San Mateo
  • Pier 41, San Francisco
  • Elephant Rock Pier, Tiburon
  • Point Pinole Pier, Richmond
  • Trinidad Pier, Humboldt County
  • B Street Pier, Crescent City
  • Alameda Mole, Alameda
  • Berkeley Pier, Berkeley
  • Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco
  • Oakland Long Wharf, Oakland
  • Pacifica Pier, Pacifica
  • Pier 39, San Francisco
  • Santa Cruz Wharf, Santa Cruz

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