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Members of the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation at the induction ceremonies at the United Nations in June 2011. Photo by Skip Storch

Paula Selby is a member of the board of directors of the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation (CCSF) that governs, supports, promotes and educates individuals about swimming across the Catalina Channel and sanctions its escort pilots, observers and swimmers.

Members of the Board of Directors of the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation

Team Tripod

Selby was a member of Team Tripod, a group of 3 separate teams of 6 swimmers each that completed a joint crossing of the Catalina Channel in 13 hours 16 minutes. The 3 relays swam the exact same pace across the Catalina Channel. The teams started near midnight on Cabrillo Beach and swam out to Catalina Island with Carol Sing as the team leader.

The swimmers included Julian Rusinek, Lynn Kubasek, Carol Hayden, Karl Jacobs, Kenny Jacobs, Tanya MacLean, Patsee Ober, Marc Horwitz, Tom Cook, Dan Simonelli, Kelley Schall, Thomas Johnson, Steve Coopersmith, Natalie Kreitzinger, Marta Gaughen, Paula Selby, Yafa Minazad, and Kim Miller. The support crew included Grace van der Byl, Julie Flanagan, Kevin Eslinger, Forrest Nelson, and Neil van der Byl. The CCSF Observers included Carol Sing and John York.

2018 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year Nomination

She was nominated for the 2018 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year by the World Open Water Swimming Association: There are few who are so instrumental behind the scenes as Paula Selby who sits on the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation board of directors. She volunteers innumerable hours toward training Catalina Channel observers, managing the increasingly crowded solo and relay crossings calendar, and coordinating a minimum of two observers for each crossing throughout the busy summer months. She does so tirelessly, constantly corresponding with swimmers and crew around the world, coordinating documentation, and fielding questions over and over again. For arranging the observation of 70 separate swim events for Catalina Channel crossings from June 15th to October 18th, for dedicating a third of her year to coordinating open water safety with swimmers, relay captains and the observers before and after each crossing, for documenting with photographs and maintaining the Federation's social media with constant updates, Paula Selby of the USA is a worthy nominee for the 2018 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year.

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