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Patty Kohlmann, WOWSA Coaching Certification
Patty Kohlmann of Team Kohlmann
Phil Cutti, Matthew Davie, Vito Bialla, Nora Toledano, Patty Kohlman and Edna Llorens before the Mexican American Unity Swim in Lake Powell in 55 hours 20 minutes in September 2010

Patricia Kohlmann (born 17 September 1968) is a world-class Mexican pool and open water swimmer and swimming coach who participated in two Olympic Games.

Swimming Career

Mexican American Unity Swim

The Mexican American Unity Swim in Lake Powell between the Arizona and Utah borders in the United States set the record for the longest non-stop lake relay record in 2010. The team consisted of three American men and three Mexican women who swam 108 nautical miles in 55 hours 20 minutes 25 seconds: Patty Kohlmann, Edna Llorens, Nora Toledano, Vito Bialla, Matthew Davie, and Phil Cutti.


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