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Palau Trench

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Andy Akinwolere set a world record swimming over the Palau Trench in 2011

Palau Trench is an 8,000-metre deep abyss in the Pacific Ocean, one of the deepest stretches of water on the planet, located in the Pacific Ring of Fire between the Palau Islands and the Mariana Trench.

Open Water Swimming[edit]

Andy Akinwolere was the first person to swim across the deepest part of the Palau Trench to set the record for the deepest location for an open water swim in history He took 3 hours 14 minutes to complete his 8.6 km swim. His records were verified by the World Open Water Swimming Association. Richard Turley reported that Akinwolere began his swim in the middle of the Pacific Ocean at 07.46.456 N by 134.57.35 E and swam 8.6 km until he reached 07.50.893 N by 134.57.347 E.

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