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Pace swimmer helping a channel swimmer in the Catalina Channel escorted by Captain John Pittman aboard the Outrider
Blackie the Wonder Horse swimming across San Francisco Bay in 23 minutes pulling along Shorty in October 1938 alongside two pace swimmers

noun - Pace swimmer is an individual who swims alongside or near an open water swimmer, channel swimmer, or marathon swimmer to protect, pace or accompany a swimmer during a swim under any circumstances (during the day or night, or in calm or rough, cold or warm waters). Specific rules apply to the number, time and time of duration for pace swimmers by some channel swimming associations and governing bodies.

Channel Swimming

Pace swimmers are permitted only on solo swims in the English Channel by the Channel Swimming Association at the discretion of the pilot. Only one pacemaker is allowed in the water at one time. Pacemakers are not permitted to enter the water until the swim is at least 2 hours underway. Pacemakers are permitted to swim for up to one hour only and can only re-enter the water until another hour has passed.

Pace swimmers are permitted on solo swims in the Catalina Channel by the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation if the swimmer so desires.


Pace swimmers are often used during marathon swims across the Catalina Channel.


Pacemaker, support swimmer, escort swimmer, pacer, guide swimmer, swim angel, lead swimmer, companion swimmer

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