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Open Water Acclimatization

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noun - Open Water Acclimatization is a key element of the Pyramid of Open Water Success. Acclimatization is required to get swimmers familiar with the open water environment. This includes getting used to cold water, warm water and rough water. This also includes understanding – and experiencing – jellyfish, marine life, wind chop, boat fumes, oil slicks, kelp, fog and rain as well as swimming through waves and currents before one's race. It also includes "aggressive swimming" sets when a group of swimmers in a tight pack practices buoy turns and finish sprints where the swimmers purposefully knock off the goggles or swim cap of one chosen swimmer. These types of experiences are parts of open water races at one point or another. To be successful, these experiences must be encountered and mastered during training.

Pyramid of Open Water Success

The Pyramid of Open Water Success is an open water swimming training concept developed by Steven Munatones of the World Open Water Swimming Association. Its purpose is to educate and inspire open water swimmers and coaches to comprehensively prepare themselves or open water swimmers or triathletes to properly train for all aspects of the sport of open water swimming or the swim legs of triathlons.

7 Elements of the Pyramid of Open Water Success


Pyramid of Open Water Swimming Success, Seven Essentials of Open Water Swimming Success

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