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Speedo Ice Swim Africa, a high-altitude ice swim held in Nuwedam in Fraserburg, Northern Cape, South Africa
Speedo Ice Swim Africa start, photo by Jacques Marais

Nuwedam is a reservoir in Fraserburg, Northern Cape in South Africa.

Ice Swimming[edit]

The Speedo Ice Swim Africa is a one-mile high-altitude swim held in Nuwedam's water 5°C (41°F) or less. It also includes a 600-meter qualification swim for those swimmers who want to enter the one-mile event in the future. The Speedo Ice Swim Africa was one of the original premier legs on the Ice Swim circuit organized by the International Ice Swimming Association. It is held in Nuwedam, Fraserburg, Northern Cape, known as the coldest region of South Africa. With water temperature at 5°C or below and held at an altitude of 1,400 meters (4,593 feet), the conditions are ideal for a stop on the International Ice Swimming Association circuit. Swimmers usually emerged from the cold water discolored in various shades from the extreme cold, some barely able to talk or walk. However, there are always adequate temporary medical facilities staffed by experienced doctors and nurses at the finish. Known as "absoluut malligheid" (absolute madness), there are dozens of hardy South African swimmers who annually test themselves in the event.


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