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Norway Ice Swimming Expedition

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Norway Ice Swimming Expedition is an ice swimming expedition led by Ger Kennedy in Mikkelvik Brygge (70° 3' 12.312 N 19° 1' 55.2396 E ), northern Norway in March 2017.

Type of Open Water Swim[edit]

It is classified as a Polar Ice Swim due to its GPS location. The Polar Ice Mile as part of the Ice Sevens with the sea water temperature is 2-3°C with the air temperature to be between -5°C and -10°C.


Polar Ice Swim: Jamie Monahan, Rory Fitzgerald, Kate Steels-Fryatt Other swimmers: Arik Thormahlen, Alice Kennedy, Searon McGrattan, Pakie Bolster and Mary Rose Burke (between 500m and 1000m)

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