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The Neda el Món is an open water swimming management company with a concept defined by its ideology. It is part of the Chorizo Four. Its coach is Marc Caballe.


  • Neda el Món promotes the challenges of non-competitive swimming in open bodies of water and the swimming just for fun.
  • Neda el Món proposes long distance crossings, always on condition that the space, the surroundings and the weather conditions are all right.
  • Neda el Món organises events in beautiful natural sceneries, it respect the environment and applies the sustainability principles wherever it goes.
  • Neda el Món adjusts the events to the participants’ different levels. It organizes different groups, the slowest groups parting first, so when they get to the most difficult section all the swimmers will get together and help each other to achieve the aim.
  • Neda el Món is very conscious of the swimmers’ security during the events. Therefore its seek the kayakers’ collaboration. They help us to create a security protocol while assisting swimmers.
  • Neda el Món likes to create a healthy, familiar and easy-going atmosphere, for the swimmers as well as for their relatives and friends. That’s why Neda el Món sometimes organises, at certain events, open water crossings for the kids: Neda el Nen (Swim the Child).
  • Neda el Món also organises open water trainings, swimming shorter distances, preparing people to achieve their aims.
  • Neda el Món organises several formative actions in order to popularize open water swimming, mainly clinics which are open to all kinds of participants.
  • Neda el Món is an integrating organisation, where you will find altogether sportsmen and women of different levels and ages, sportsmen and women with physical disabilities or with chronic or degenerative diseases.
  • Neda el Món is supportive: In some cases it will give part of the revenue from the registrations to the institutions responsible for the environmental conservation of the areas we visit.

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