Mohammad Kobadi

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Mohammad Hossein Bibi Kobadi (2nd from right) and team
Mohammad Kobadi swimming in a shark cage during his assisted stage swim in the Persian Gulf

Mohammad Hossein Bibi Kobadi is a 34-year-old open water swimmer and swimming and diving coach from Iran.

Persian Gulf Swimming Project

Kobadi completed an unprecedented 1,000 kilometer assisted stage swim in the Persian Gulf from the Strait of Hormuz to Arvand Kenar along the coast of southeastern Iran called the Persian Gulf Swimming Project. His assisted stage swim took 84 days where he averaged 11.7 kilometers (7.2 miles) per day between 19 December 2011 and 12 March 2012. This swim was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.

His swim, helped by Shervan Shoaee (Project Manager for the Persian Gulf Swimming Project), reported that he swam in a shark cage with a neoprene wetsuit, fins, hand paddles, and a snorkel.

The tight-knit team was with Kobadi from the start in the Khor-e-Falak region (N: 2954575 E: 4855191) to the finish in Arvand Kenar (N: 2952195 E: 4846505) in Iran.

When Kobadi finally completed his 85-day adventure swim in 17.9°C on 12 March 2012, the self-satisfaction and joy shared by all was clearly evident. On his 85th day, he swam 14.65 kilometers in 6 hours 30 minutes. Most days, he was protected by a shark cage and aided by fins and a wetsuit. On a few days, he tired and had to stop for extended rest periods, but he was generally excited and strong during the nearly 3-month journey where he stayed overnight in different villages.

Jellyfish abound, but worries about the marine life were effectively eliminated with the protection of the 7-meter long shark cage and 0.5 mm full wetsuit. He encountered numerous cargo ships, fishing boats and fishing tours throughout the stage swim, but his escort crew enforced a safety net around him with their escort boats. Towards the end, military frigates along the Iran and Iraq borders were seen along his route. Day in and day out, he generally fed on dates, nuts (walnuts), noodles, apples and oranges, and drank green tea along the way. His medical team found that his body temperature often dropped between 1–2°C during his daily marathon swims despite the neoprene coverage.

Three Continent Crossing

Kobadi and Shoaee are planning a 2,000 km assisted stage swim between three continents: Asia, Europe, and Africa in the Mediterranean Sea. Kobadi will start in Asia at the Island Gyndvs in southeast Turkey. He will head off to Europe, crossing into both Greek and southern Italian waters before he ends up in Africa in northern Tunisia. The unprecedented stage swim is estimated to take 6 to 7 months, between 180 to 210 days. The dual goals of the Three Continent Crossing is to spread the message of peace and humanity in the world, and to support and protect the ocean and sea environment.

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