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English Channel route by Petar Stoychev in 6 hours and 57 minutes

Michael Oram is a mariner from Great Britain who was inducted as an Honor Pilot in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in 2005. He is a renowned English Channel pilot and a Qualified Royal Yachting Association / Department of Trade Yachtmaster with commercial endorsement.

He began escorting swimmers in the English Channel in 1982 and served as a Channel Swimming Association committee member for 15 years before he became the Honorary Secretary between 1991 and 1996. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation.


Principal & Senior Instructor of Dover Sea School
RYA/DoT Yachtmaster with commercial endorsement
RYA instructor for motor cruisers & powerboats
RYA/DoT powerboat examiner
RYA Theory, GMDSS, Radar, First Aid & Diesel instructor
Escort pilot for Channel swimming & other forms of accepted unorthodox crossings and Channel crossings
Delivery skipper power & sail
Marine consultant, diesel engineer & Electronics installation engineer
Proprietor of Pedro Boats UK, Dover Sea School & Seacraft
Honorary Secretary of the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation (CS&PF)

Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation

Oram was one of the founding members of the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation in 1998. He helped set up the Federation, its documentation, rules and constitution and obtained Government recognition and governing body status as its Honorary Secretary in 1999. His English Channel website is comprehensive in its scope and he has influenced the method in which English Channel swims are planned.

Track Record of Success

To date, Oram has escorted over 500 English Channel crossings with a 75% success rate. His successes include two of the three triple-crossings (Philip Rush in 1987 in 28 hours and 21 minutes and Alison Streeter M.B.E. in 1990 in 34 hours and 40 minutes), the first relay quadruple-crossing (Sun Rice Australia in 1993 in 43 hours and 7 minutes), the only Belgium-to-England relay (RAF Air Force in 1995 in 27 hours and 56 minutes) and the current world record swim from England to France of Petar Stoychev of Bulgaria (6 hours and 57 minutes).

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