Michiel le Roux

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The course of a 21.1 km Red Sea tandem crossing in 4 hours 55 minutes on 15 October 2012 by Jean Craven, Robert Dunford, and Michiel le Roux, supported by Johann Theron from Tiran Island, Saudi Arabia to Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

Michiel le Roux is a South African open water swimmer.

Open Water Swimming Highlights

Lake Malawi Tandem Relay

Madswimmers participated in a 25 km width-wise tandem relay across Lake Malawi, located between Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania, by a group of Madswimmers including Jean Craven, Greig Bannatype, Robert Dunford, Samantha Whelpton, Duncan Kukard, Michiel le Roux, Craig Massey-Hicks, Brent Massey-Hicks, Robert Logan, Karen Graaff, Melanie Bedford-shaw, Nick Comana, Shirley Milne, Nena Logan, Douglas Livingstone, Haydon Von Maltitz, Alison Hartley, Cara Gough, Deon van Niekerk, Jessica Comana, Candice Wadey, Jacqueline Marshall, Charlie Luckock, Darren Madgewick, Michelle Walford, Keiman O'Flaherty, Kobie Odendaal, Werner Whelpton, and Travis Johnson.

25 km crossing of Lake Malawi in October 2016 in a big group swim.

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