Merle Liivand

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Merle Liivand is a nominee in the 2021 WOWSA Awards in the World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year category
Merle Liivand, FINIS Ambassador in Estonia and the Baltic States
Merle Liivand after her first 10 km marathon swim at the 2015 Swim Miami in Biscayne Bay, Florida
Merle Liivand competes at the 2019 U.S. Open Water Swimming Championships in Virginia Key on Biscayne Bay in South Florida

Merle Liivand (born 17 April 1991) is a competitive swimmer, aquapreneur, open water swimmer and mermaid swimmer from Tallinn, Estonia who was the Baltic States Champion in the 100m and 200m breaststroke and an Estonian National Swim Team member. Liivand splits her time between Estonia and Florida, U.S.A., where she trains and also coaches the next generation of swimmers. Her nicknames includes the Mermaid of Miami and Mermaid Merle.

Professional Career

Liivand is the CEO of SWIMERA that distributes swimwear and skincare as the official dealer in the Baltics and Scandinavia and serves as an ambassador of FINIS, Inc.

Competitive Swimming

  • Liivand is an Estonian National Team breaststroke specialist.
  • She has been a part of many elite international competitions in her career, such as the World Youth Championships, the European Olympic Festival and the World Cup series.
  • While in Florida, she also been invited to help work with the Special Olympics’ aquatic athletes.

Open Water Swimming Highlights


Merle Liivand on 17 April 2021 in Miami Beach, Florida swam a 30 km mermaid swim in 9 hours 19 minutes

Cover Girl Modeling

Liivand is the cover girl for both DERMASPORT Skincare and New Wave Swim Buoys and Viking Beauty Secrets.

2021 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year Nomination

She was nominated for the 2021 World Open Water Swimming Women of the Year Award. The winners and nominees of this category in the 2021 WOWSA Awards include:

Winner: Kate Steels (Great Britain)
First Runner-up: Elaine Burrows Dillane (Ireland)
Second Runner-up: Abhejali Bernardová (Czech Republic)
4. Mayra Santos (Brazil)
5. Merle Liivand (Estonia)
6. Shu Pu (Hong Kong)
7. Sarah Thomas (USA)
8. Amy Ennion (Great Britain)
9. Lexie Kelly (USA)
10. Maria Cotignolo (Uruguay)
11. Chloë McCardel (Australia)
12. Ana Marcela Cunha (Brazil)
13. Abigail Fairman (USA)
14. Kerry Kopke (South Africa)
15. Carina Bruwer (South Africa)

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