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Matt Paz

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Matt Paz (left) with Lexie Kelly (middle) and Travis King (right), members of the Open Water Swim Club

Matt Paz is a former collegiate baseball player and an experienced triathlete and endurance athlete from Long Beach, California who is attempting to join the Sub-32 Marathon Club (or the Sub-3 x 2 Marathon Club)

Sub-3 x 2 Marathon Club[edit]

Sub-32 Marathon Club is a select group of people who have swum a full 10 km marathon swim without a wetsuit, fins or paddles under 3 hours and who have also run a full 42 km marathon run under 3 hours.

The 10 km marathon swim can be done in fresh or salt water, but must be correctly measured by GPS and not done downstream in a flowing river. The swim can be done solo or as part of a race. The marathon run can be done in any marathon running event or a solo run documented with GPS.

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