Marie Hassan Hamad

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Abdellatief Abou Heif and Hassan Hamad tied for first in the 28 km Le Marathon Nautique de Paris (La Traversée de Paris)
Egyptian national marathon swimming team from the 1950s

Mareeh Hassan Hamad is an Egyptian open water swimmer also reported by the name Marie Hassan Hamad in the press.

English Channel Swimming Career

Daily Mail English Channel Races

The first Daily Mail race between England and France, held in 1950, was limited to 20 participants from around the world, sponsored by the London Daily Mail. Hassan Abdel Rehim, a 41-year-old Egyptian won the first race in a then-record of 10 hours 50 minutes over an international field. Roger Le Morvan of France was second in 11 hours 2 minutes, Mareeh Hassan Hamad was third in 12 hours 10 minutes.

In the 1951 Daily Mail race, 34-year-old Egyptian Mareeh Hassan Hamad won the race in 12 hours 12 minutes by just one minute over Frenchman Roger Le Morvan in 12 hours 13 minutes with Egypt's Hassan Abdel Rehim third in 12 hours 25 minutes.

1950 Daily Mail Race

1951 Daily Mail Race

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