Travessia 14 Bis

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Travessia 14 Bis or Maratona Aquática 14 Bis is one of the longest-running and longest marathon swims in Brazil and South America. The 24 km crossing has been held for 50 years and is held in the Bertioga Channel between the island of Santo Amaro (Guaruja) and the Brazilian mainland near São Paulo. It was started in 1970, safety and organization is provided by the Air Force Command Center Air Base Santos ( Comando da Aeronáutica do Núcleo da Base Aérea de Santos), with the support of the City of Bertioga, Navy of Brazil, Club Open Water Swimmers (Clube de Nadadores de Maratonas Aquáticas, the Associação dos Cavaleiros de Bertioga and a number of volunteers.


Glauco Luise de Oliveira Rangel has won the race twice (2009 and 2011).

42ª Travessia 14 Bis (Guarujá-Bertioga)

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