Manly International 500 Endurance Swimming Contest

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Manly Baths
Manly Baths opening in 1926

The 1931 Manly International 500 Endurance Swimming Contest was the first professional swimming contest of its kind in Australia as well as a charity swim for the Manly Hospital Citizens' Relief Fund. 60 swimmers from England, America, Italy, New Zealand and Australia including Mercedes Gleitze, Lily Copplestone and Charles Zibelman competed in the non-stop competition in Manly Baths in January 1931.

The competition was to see who could swim the longest for a total cash prize of £500. The competitors were fed with liquid food through a tube provided by assistants from a boat. The food consisted of chicken broth, milk, and chocolate in liquid form.

Gleitze won in 48 hours 15 minutes with Katerina Nehua second in 47 hours 52 minutes and Copplestone in third.

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