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noun - The Majors are the larger lakes of the New York Finger Lakes, a group of eleven long, narrow, basically north-south lakes in the west-central section of upstate New York in the United States.

Minors and Majors[edit]

There are 11 Finger Lakes, referred to as the Minors and Majors including the following:



New York Finger Lakes[edit]

The Finger Lakes region is defined as a bioregion. They are a popular tourist destination. The lakes' shapes reminded early map-makers of human fingers, and the name stuck. Cayuga (435 feet, 133 m) and Seneca (618 feet, 188 m), are among the deepest in the United States, with their bottoms well below sea level. Both are close to 40 miles long (64 km) from end to end, and never more than 3.5 miles (5.6 km) wide. Cayuga (38.1 miles ) is the longest, and Seneca 66.9 square miles (173 km2) the largest in total area. Oneida Lake is generally not considered one of the Finger Lakes, but it is sometimes called the "thumb", while Seneca is the middle finger.

Open Water Swimming[edit]

There is a long history of open water swimming in the New York Finger Lakes. Bridgette Hobart will attempt the Nazareth College Finger Lakes Challenge (or The 5 Majors & The 4 Minors Swimming for a Cause), a 9-stage 167.01-mile solo swim, starting on 11 July 2015, where she will attempt to swim 9 of the 11 New York Finger Lakes. Her course is two challenges within the New York Finger Lakes: the Majors and the Minors. The Majors includes the lakes over 11 miles, ranging from 15.5 to 38 miles each with Canandaigua, Keuka, and Skaneateles in July and 38-mile Cayuga Lake and 38-mile Seneca Lake in August. The 6 Minors includes the lakes under 11 miles that she will cross over the weekends in September 2015.

To date, she has completed the following crossings:

  • Skaneateles 16.03 miles in 7 hours 27 minutes
  • Canandaigua 15.5 miles in 7 hours 38 minutes
  • Keuka 19.88 miles in 9 hours 7 minutes
  • Cayuga 37.9 miles in 20 hours 33 minutes
  • Seneca 37.9 miles in 24 hours 31 minutes

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