Madhu Nagaraja

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Rob Kent, Annaleise Carr with Madhu Nagaraja
Madhu Nagaraja and his team during his Lake Ontario swim in July 2012

Madhu Nagaraja is an Indian endurance athlete, administrator, coach, and open water swimmer from Oakville, Canada located 800m from Coronation Park Beach about 30 km from Toronto.

Open Water Swimming Career


He created a Foundation (GLOW Adventures) in Coronation Beach, Oakville, Ontario, Canada that advocates for conservation of the Great Lakes and inspires people to get into the open water and experience the Great Lakes for themselves.

Swim Drink Fish

with Madhu Nagaraja and Antonio Lennert

Episode 29 - Mysore Sport

GLOW Executive Team

He serves as the co-founding director of GLOW or Great Lakes Open Water adventures in Lake Ontario, Canada.

WOWSA Live Interview with Madhu Nagaraja

Madhu Nagaraja with Ned Denison, chairman of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, on WOWSA Live on 27 April 2020.

Marathon Swim Stories

He appeared with Shannon House Keegan on Marathon Swim Stories.

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