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Lough Dan

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Lough Dan (Irish: Loch Deán) is a boomerang-shaped ribbon lake near Roundwood, County Wicklow, Ireland. It is a popular area for hikers and kayakers and and ice swimmers that lies very close to the Wicklow Way.

The Inchavore river flows into Lough Dan from the north-west. An outflow from Lough Tay - the Cloghoge river - feeds it via from the north-east. It is drained to the south by the River Avonmore. Most of the lake is surrounded by private lands, though the north-western corner is part of the Wicklow National Park.

Open Water Swimming[edit]

The annual Eastern Bay Swim Team Invitational International Ice Mile Swim, organized by Fergal Somerville, is held in Lough Dan in February.

Open Water Swims[edit]

Eastern Bay Invitational International Ice Mile Swim

Lough Dan Races

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