Whitsunday Islands

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The Whitsunday Islands are a collection of continental islands of various sizes off the central coast of Queensland, situated between just south of Bowen and to the north of Mackay, some 900 kilometers (560 miles) north of Brisbane, Australia. The island group is centered on Whitsunday Island, while the group's commercial center is Hamilton Island. The traditional owners of the area are the Ngaro People.


The Whitsunday Islands are a popular tourist destination for travelers to Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef with the area being one of the most popular yachting destinations in the Southern Hemisphere. Several islands have large resort with a wide variety of accommodation and activities.


Listed below are islands of The Whitsundays, divided by group locality. Named rocks and islets can be found listed within the entry for the nearest island to that feature.

The Whitsunday Group

Lindeman Group

The islands in the Lindeman Group include:

The Molle Group

Northern Group

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