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Lighthouse carpark, Teignmouth

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Openwater swim training is held every Monday evening at Teignmouth from mid May to the end of September. Members meet at the Lighthouse car park at the end of the beach next to the mouth of the Teign Estuary. Swimmers have a choice of two or three groups lead by experienced sea swimmers and followed by lifeguards from the local beach rescue club on rescue boards. The more experienced group usually swim 2000 - 2500 metres along the buoy-line that is about 200 metres out to sea. Less proficient swimmers do about half that distance. At the start of each swim season there is a beginners group with a coach doing specific skills work to get athletes happy with openwater swimming. 5 for an individual swim, with coaching from 45 for a one on one session. Run by Richard Stanner (who has won the swim leg of the London Triathlon 10 times!).


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