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Perceptual Positions, LLC
Deb Conley, President & Founder Lending Sight- USABA Sports Club & Perceptual Positions LLC
PTSD Shirts

Lending Sight is a support organization arranging for guides for blind runners and swimmers in athletic events. Deb Conley is the founder of Lending Sight, as well as Perceptual Positions, LLC, an American company in Boulder, Colorado created to spread awareness of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and allow those suffering with this disorder to connect with others, and discover an interpersonal environment of mutual support. Deb has suffered from PTSD for years and enjoys volunteering time to assist visually impaired and visually/hearing impaired athletes by acting as a guide in the active pursuits of running, biking, and swimming. Her company provides PTSD awareness shirts and pins and a selection of professional tethers for low vision and blind athletes to use with sighted guides. The products are called Lending Sight Tethers.

The Lending Sight running tethers include a basic handheld web tether (Lending Sight Runner 1), a handheld running tether with stretch (Lending Sight Runner 2), and a running tether with adjustable waist belts for arm and hand freedom (Lending Sight Waist Runner). For vision limited open water swimmers they produce the Lending Sight Swimmer tether system.


Perceptual Positions, LLC
4682 Eldorado Springs Dr
Boulder, CO USA 80303-9618
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