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Alexandre Dumas who wrote The Count of Monte Cristo, the inspiration behind Défi de Monte Cristo
Le Château d’If of the island of If, start of the Défi de Monte Cristo open water swim and one of the Prison Island Swims in Marseille, France

Défi de Monte Cristo or Le défi de Monté Cristo Marseille (English: Monte Cristo Challenge or EDF Aqua Challenge Marseille) is an annual 1 km, 2 km and 5 km open water swim from If island in Marseille, France established in 1999 with a maximum of 2,500 participants. It is part of the EDF Aqua Challenge.


The romantic inspiration for the Défi de Monte Cristo is Alexandre Dumas' 1844 novel, The Count of Monte Cristo. Its hero, Edmond Dantès, escapes from the impregnable Château d'If - where he has been unjustly sentenced to life imprisonment - by swimming to freedom. Dantès escapes by swimming to the islands of Tiboulen and Maïre after struggling out of a body bag. Hundreds of swimmers participate in an annual race from the island-fortress to the shore, a different course than Dantès escape in the book.

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The course begins on the northern shore of Château d'If on If island, goes towards the Soudaras lighthouse and continues towards Endoume point. It then passes for 300 metres along the Corniche JF Kennedy, in front of the Anse de la Fausse Monnaie and the plage du Prophète beach. The race ends at the plage du Grand Roucas Blanc in the Prado beach park just south of Marseille at the Village Monte Cristo.

Cash Prize

3,000€ for the top male and female winners

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