Lake Cane

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Lucky's Lake Swim in Lake Cane, Orlando
David Heffernan and Kate Coltman at Lucky Meisenheimer's home after a morning swim across Lake Cane in Orlando, Florida

Lake Cane is a natural lake located northeast of Turkey Lake Road and Vineland Road intersection in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. Its total surface area is 85 acres with a mean depth over 16 feet.

Open Water Swimming

Club Membership

  • 1st crossing: On completion of a swimmer's first swim across Lake Cane, they receive a patch with the logo of the swim, a bumper sticker with the logo and website, and get to sign the wall of fame.
  • 25th crossing: swimmers receive a white swim cap with the logo.
  • 100th crossing: swimmers are inducted into the 100K Club, their name is highlighted in yellow on the wall of fame, a bio is posted on the official website, and they receive a baseball cap with the Lake Cane monster logo.
  • 150th crossing: swimmers join the 150K Club and receive a yellow swim cap.
  • 200th crossing: swimmers join the 200K Club and receive a T-shirt.
  • 500th crossing: swimmers join the 500K Club and receive a silver swim cap.
  • 1,000th crossing: swimmers join the 1000K Club and receive a golden swim cap.


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