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Oceanman Lago d’Orta

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Georgia Amison competes in the Oceanman in Spain

Oceanman Lago d’Orta is an open water swimming competition held in Lago d'Orta, Italy that is part of the 2016 Oceanman International Open Water Circuit that features five open water swimming events in different locations, each organized by Aida Molina and Culture Sport 365.

Dates and Locations[edit]

Oceanman Palamós, Spain on 22 May 2016
• Oceanman Lago d’Orta, Italy on 25 June 2016
Oceanman Cozumel, México on 7 August 2016
Oceanman Isle of Tabarca, Spain on 11 September 2016
Oceanman Benidorm, Spain on 16 October 2016
✓ The top ten finishers in the Oceanman events in Palamós, Isle of Tabarca, Lago d’Orta, and Cozumel qualify for the Oceanman World Championship in Benidorm on 16 October 2016
✓ The Oceanman International Open Water Swimming Circuit has 6 categories: in the Elite and Age Group divisions (20 - 29 years old, 30 - 39 years old, 40 - 49 years old, 50 - 59 years old, 60 - 69 years old)


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