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Kinga Korin

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Kinga Korin is a 37-year-old ice swimmer from Siemianowice, Poland.

Open Water Swimming Highlights[edit]

  • She finished 29th in the ice kilometer at the 2017 Ice Swimming Aqua Sphere World Championships in Burghausen, Bavaria, Germany on 6 January 2017 at in Burghausen, Bavaria, Germany in 19 minutes 3.02 seconds in 3.40°C water and -11.10°C wind chill.
  • She received a Guinness World Record for her Svalbard swim, the Most northerly Ice Swim by a Female at 78.3°N on 27 June 2017 in the Nordfjorden glacial fjord in Spitsbergen, Svalbard, Norway. She swam 1.09 km in 20 minutes 5 seconds in 4.6°C (40.3°F) water. Korin was joined by six other swimmers on the expedition including Leszek Naziemiec from Poland who swam 1.66 km in 39 minutes 39 seconds; Lukaz Tkacz of Poland who swam 1.85 km in 45 minutes 44 seconds; Marek Grzywa of Poland who swam 1.64 km in 34 minutes 59 seconds; and Ram Barkai of South Africa who swam 1.66 km in 28 minutes 16 seconds.

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